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As with most Real Estate Developers, Bilaad Realty was set up in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, to address a number of gaps that exist within the Real Estate development market. The foregrounding policy of Bilaad Realty Nigeria as a brand (providing high quality residential apartments & commercial properties) adheres to strict measures in elevating the general quality of lifestyle through concise developments and performance. We stand out in the manner in which we handle our activities and render services as it relates to Real Estate and property development in Nigeria; it is safe to say our system is value-based.

Real Estate Development
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Real Estate

for those who seek better value-for-money in Nigeria

Over the years, we have identified a significant gap in addressing home-owner needs in Nigeria, especially for those who seek better value-for-money.
Our approach is to offer a wide range of apartments and house types to accommodate a larger clientele from within the medium – high income earner stratum in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole.

Real Estate

we close up commercial space within Abuja

In Nigeria, we understand the increasing importance of commercial space within every community
So, we ensure residents within our Abuja Estates are able to meet their general supply needs without commuting for very long distances.

Real Estate

we create a sustainable Real Estate investment and relationship in Nigeria

In decision-making, access to the right information is always very important for customers and investors to commit towards a product, service or project.
Our objective is to ensure creation of a sustainable Real Estate investment and relationship in NIgeria, that will accord our clients a long-term value on their decisions.


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