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Bilaad Realty

We are a value-based private owned Real Estate Developement Company in Nigeria, aimed at delivering sustainable real estate solutions that flourish as investments and are a reality of client aspirations.

Bilaad Realty Nigeria provides quality commercial and residential real estate solutions. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied, so we listen, learn, and leverage our ability to interpret their dreams and aspirations. The outcome is always unique, offering long-lasting real estate that meets every need.

We adapt by bringing a balanced integration of client expectation, technology, and lifestyle to positively influence quality of life. Through concise developments and performance, we stand out in the manner we handle our activities and render services; continuous innovation is our watch-word.

Bilaad Realty Limited was established in October, 2017 with an objective to offer sustainable real estate and development solutions to clients in Nigeria and cities like Abuja and Lagos. As people and the world evolve, visible product and service gaps informs the need for better value-based propositions. We are aimed at delivering sustainable Real Estate development solutions that are a reality of client aspirations.

As with most Real Estate developers, Bilaad Realty was set up Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, to address a number of gaps that exist within the Real Estate development market. The foregrounding policy of Bilaad Realty Nigeria as a brand (providing high quality residential & commercial properties) adheres to strict measures in elevating the general quality of lifestyle through concise developments and performance.

To be the leading customer centric real estate firm with strategic alliances in the provision of sustainable real estate solutions in Nigeria and West Africa.
To ensure our team of professionals provide an unparalleled customer experience process for sustainable property ownership and investments; adopting sustainable advisory and construction management procedures that guarantee our properties and services are secure- offering the ideal lifestyle.

In Nigeria, we are committed to keeping you satisfied by upholding the highest standards of transparency and integrity, in the effective delivery of our services because we believe that technology and sustainability are key factors of a value-based system. We are also devoted to the development of present needs without endangering the ability of future generations to provide similar needs, as well as a flourishing customer experience that is second to none from the minute we initiate a handshake to the conclusion of a project.
Our aim as the leading Real Estate & Development company in Nigeria (with locations in Abuja) is to be the premier customer-centric realty firm with a roadmap to elevate the overall quality of sustainable lifestyle solutions in Nigeria and West Africa while maintaining an exceptional customer experience for turn-key home ownership in a secure and conducive environment and to continuously explore new technologies in offering the ideal lifestyle.

What’s a property with no guarantee of security?
Definitely one that is not responsive to customer-centricity. At any of our locations in Nigeria, owners will enjoy interacting with our secure sustainable community which enhances productivity as well. Hence, we guarantee not just a safe environment, but one that’s designed to accommodate requirements of business or family as the case may determine.

We care about how you feel; that’s why Bilaad Realty Nigeria provides a customer engagement process that is transparent and keeps clients informed on housing projects from start to finish. In offering an experience that is second to none, we are passionate about transforming customer-ideas, feedback, and specifications into reality as we strive to ensure our Real Estate offerings have a reasonable degree of personalization.

In Nigeria, the cornerstone of our decision-making process and corporate identity resides in “Sustainability”. All components of our corporate structure, method of operation, relationships (as a business), staff engagements, and offerings are designed with a long-term perspective to portray our value proposition.


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